Why is MIT45 more expensive than other companies?

MIT45 is a premium brand and therefore priced as such due the high-quality standards we maintain. MIT45 has established farm to final product controls. We partnered with responsible farmers throughout South East Asia and even helped build farm infrastructure with many of those framers so that they are able to provide us with the finest raw Kratom leaves.


Those leaves are then either packaged in our Raw Leaf powder and Raw Leaf capsules or utilized to produce one our best-in-class extracts. Our extracts are manufactured in a pharmaceutical grade laboratory and great care is taken to ensure that the potency and consistency is at the high standard that our customer, like you, are accustomed to. We also take great pride in our Triple Purification Process TM. As a normal part of the extraction process conducted by all Kratom manufacturers solvents are introduced at various stages of extraction. At MIT45, the purity of our product is of utmost importance, so we committed to the extra steps of removing all solvents or contaminants that may have been found in the extract. After the Triple Purification Process our extracts are tested by a 3rd party laboratory to ensure this process was successful and only products that have passed this stringent testing is made available for purchase.


Most Kratom manufacturers are committed to ensuring that their products are purified even once, much less three times. But at MIT45, we feel as though we owe it to you, our customers, and the industry as a whole to provide only the best, purest kratom products. Do not be fooled by other companies that may provide cheaper products. In the Kratom industry, as in life, you certainly get what you pay.